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Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing

The Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN) is a Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) program that allows debtors to receive Court orders and notices sent by the Court via email rather than by U.S. Mail. Only the court can serve notices on the debtor electronically. Service requirements for other parties in a bankruptcy case do not change with DeBN.

A debtor must complete and file a Debtor's Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN) form located under Local Forms. There are two options to filing the form - 1) The debtor's attorney may file the form electronically for each debtor as follows: Bankruptcy Events>Miscellaneous>Request re: Debtor Electronic Notice, 2) the debtor may bring the form to the court during normal business hours or mail the form to PO Box 791, Raleigh, NC 27602. One or both joint debtors can request DeBN, but each joint debtor must file separate request form. Court staff will enter the debtor's email address into the BNC email database.  If only one joint debtor requests DeBN, the other debtor will continue to receive Court orders and notices in the mail.

Advantages of DeBN

  • Faster – You'll receive notices the same day they are filed by the Court. 
  • Convenient – Access your notices anywhere you have Internet access.
  • No more lost paperwork – Storing notices on your computer means never losing a paper copy.
  • Less paper clutter – Helps the environment and reduces paper clutter in your home.
  • It is FREE!

Debtor Activation of the Account is not required.

Upon the court's creation of a DeBN account, the BNC contractor will generate and transmit a confirmation email to the debtor.  This email will contain your personal DeBN account information.

The BNC will continue to send electronic notices as long as an email is not returned undeliverable, and as long as the debtor's name and mailing address match the debtor's name and address with the BNC.

Tip:  Routinely check your spam folder to ensure you are receiving the court's emails.

Who will serve me via email?

By enrolling in DeBN a debtor consents to service by email of court orders and court-generated notices only.  The BNC will send emails to you on behalf of the court only.  All other parties, including attorneys, creditors, and trustees, must continue to serve upon the debtor according to court rules, i.e. by U.S. Mail.

How do I update my DeBN Account?

Keep the court advised by filing an updated request form if you:

  • change your email address;
  • file a new case after enrolling in DeBN (so the court can make sure your name and address in your DeBN account match your new case); or
  • you wish to deactivate or reactive your account.

How long will my enrollment last with DeBN?

The DeBN account remains active, unless;

  • the account is automatically disabled due to an email transmission failure (email bounce-back); or
  • debtor files a request to deactivate the account.

As long as the account is active, all court notices and orders will be emailed to the debtor by the BNC in any current or future bankruptcy or adversary case from any bankruptcy court district in which the debtor's name and address in that case match the name and address in the debtor's DeBN account, including cases where the debtor may be listed as a creditor.

Will DeBN emails contain more than one document?

No. Each order and court-generated notice is sent to you as a single PDF attachment to the email.  A separate email is sent for each order and court-generated notice.

What if a document is too big to email?

If a PDF exceeds 8 MB of information, it is too large to send via email.  In this instance, it will be sent by U.S. Mail to your mailing address. Your DeBN account remains active.

DeBN brochure information

For more information, you may download a copy of the Court's DeBN Brochure here.