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Chief Judge David M. Warren


Video conference hearings are substitutes for in courtroom hearings when allowed by the court pursuant to a timely prior request.  Counsel are reminded that they are to conduct themselves as if sitting at counsel table. Counsel and witnesses are to dress appropriately for court. If actively participating in the hearing, the video camera must be on at all times, with the participant facing the camera, unless excused by the court. Counsel should not be on camera while working on other matters (receiving and sending emails, reviewing other documents, etc.). If participant is “listen only,” the camera should be off. Adherence to these basic rules will ensure a respectful and civil setting for the hearing.
For assistance with scheduling, removing or continuing a matter on the judge's calendar, please use the Courtroom Staff Email: Courtroom Staff-DMW for the most expeditious response.  Courtroom staff have access to email in the courtroom and process email correspondence more efficiently than telephone messages.  You may also leave a message at 919-334-3802.
For general information contact the Clerk's Office at (919) 856-4752.
Please note: Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9003, the judge and the judge's staff are prohibited from having ex parte (for one party) communications concerning matters affecting a particular case or proceeding.

Staff Information

Claire Sauls Glover, Law Clerk
Telephone:  919-334-3822
Kathryn Koonce, Law Clerk
Telephone:  919-334-3821