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Courtroom Staff -- Contact

Please find below the email addresses for the Courtroom Staff members for each Judge:


Judge Warren
(includes Sarah Donleycott and courtroom backups)
Judge Callaway
(includes Sharon Angel and courtroom backups)

Judge McAfee
(includes Allyson Howard and courtroom backups)
Clerk's Office Supervisor:
Tina Roberson

For individuals not represented by an attorney:

The email addresses listed for each judge's courtroom staff is for correspondence in relation to matters scheduled for a hearing. Pursuant to Local Rule 5005-1(a), paper documents shall be tendered to the clerk of court rather than directly to the judge; therefore, any motion to continue or reschedule a hearing should be mailed to:

Clerk, U. S. Bankruptcy Court
PO Box 791
Raleigh, NC 27602