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CM/ECF Filer Registration Forms


Eastern District Attorney - For all attorneys who are admitted to practice in the Eastern District of North Carolina. A copy of the certificate of admission to the Eastern District of North Carolina must be attached to the registration form. The attorney and/or staff members who will be filing documents with the court must attend a CM/ECF training class. If an attorney has already been trained to file documents electronically in another court (Bankruptcy or District), a notation should be made on the form as to the date of the training and the name of the court If all the necessary information is provided, training for CM/ECF in this court will be waived and a login and password will be provided allowing the user to file document in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Additionally, effective July 1, 2010, a Paper Service Waiver should also be submitted if you wish to waive paper service of contested matters.

Out of District Attorney - For all attorneys who are not admitted to practice law in the Eastern District of North Carolina. The out of district attorney user will receive a login and password which will give them rights to file proofs of claim, notices of appearance, assignments of claims and reaffirmation agreements with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Filing of any other pleadings requires local counsel.

Creditor Limited User - For use by creditors. Attorney offices should not use this form. The creditor limited user will receive a login and password which will give them rights to file proofs of claims, request for notice, assignments of claim, and reaffirmation agreements. No training is required in this court for filing these documents through CM/ECF. Instructions for filing proofs of claim can be found on this website under "CM/ECF" or by clicking here.

Filing Agent - Used by office staff to file on behalf of an attorney or trustee. The agent is issued his or her own login and password. Filing agents may be linked to multiple attorneys and trustees, and attorneys and trustees can have multiple filing agents.

Paper Service Waiver


Uniform Login Structure Available in North Carolina

CM/ECF and PACER have become indispensable tools for the federal court system. To continue to offer superior service, the judiciary is in the process of creating a next generation system of CM/ECF, and recently completed a comprehensive PACER assessment. These efforts have opened the dialogue between the courts and our users, who have expressed the desire to reduce the number of log in names and passwords that are required to access our systems. North Carolina wants to address this top-rated issue. The Bankruptcy Courts in the Western, Middle and Eastern Districts of North Carolina collaborated to develop a new log in structure, that will allow users to have the same log in and password in each district. In addition, it is possible to link your PACER login to your CM/ECF account. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact the CM/ECF help desk staff in each district to have your log in information updated.

The systems in each court are not linked, so it will still be necessary to log into each district separately to perform any CM/ECF filing functions for each specific district. However, we hope the use of the same login and password structure is a step in the right direction to simplify your CM/ECF filing needs in the North Carolina Bankruptcy Courts.