Local Forms

Effective December 1, 2009, New and Amended Official Forms, including required B 27, Reaffirmation Cover Sheet, which gathers certain financial information, including information necessary for the court to determine whether a reaffirmation agreement creates a presumption of undue hardship, and allows the debtor to provide additional information that may rebut such a presumption. To implement the requirements of Rule 4008(b), the form also provides for a disclosure of any differences between the income and expenses reported on schedules I and J and the income and expenses reported in the debtor’s statement in support of the reaffirmation agreement, together with an explanation of any such differences. The form also requires a certification that the information supplied is true and accurate.

Local Forms for the Eastern District of North Carolina are available in two (2) formats: Adobe Acrobat  &  WordPerfect

Bankruptcy Case Forms PDF Forms  
Amendment to Mailing Matrix [Creditor(s) Deletion]
Appearance Of Child Support Creditor or Representative
Certificate Of Mailing Matrix Required by E.D.N.C. LBR 1007-2
Certificate Of Service
Certificate By Debtor  - Discharge and Domestic Support Obligations  
Chapter 13 Model Plan
Notice Of [Motion To ] [Objection To ]
Notice Of Objection To Claim
Schedule C - Property Claimed As Exempt (prior to Jan. 1 2006)
Schedule C-1 - Property Claimed As Exempt (after Jan. 1 2006)
Schedule C-2 - Property Claimed As Exempt Other Jurisdictions
Statement Regarding Exhibits
Summons To Debtor In An Involuntary Case
Unclaimed Funds
Verification By Debtor
Adversary Proceeding Forms
Deposition Subpoena In An Adversary Proceeding
Entry of Default
Motion To Claim Exempt Property
Notice Of Right To Have Exemptions Designated
Order Designating Exempt Property
Statement Regarding Exhibits
Summons In An Adversary Proceeding
Third-Party Summons
Miscellaneous Forms
CD Request Form (NOTE: Due to the size of most hearings, CD's will be in MP3 format and thus only playable by devices capable of playing MP3 - such as computers, MP3 players, and some newer CD players)
Application for Mental Health Evaluation
Debtor Electronic Noticing Request
Complaints of Judicial Misconduct and Disability (Procedures)
Judicial Complaint Form
Mediator Report Form
National Creditor Registration Service - Evidence of Authority
National Creditor Registration Service - Registration
National Creditor Registration Service - Related Names
Pro Se Debtor To Stop Electronic Notification

Request for Closed Case Information from National Archives Center - Instructions and request form.

Transcript Order Form