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Case Assignments

If you have any questions relating to a certain case number, please contact the appropriate case administrator. Case assignments are based on the last two digits of the case number. Remember you are concentrating on the five digit part of the case number. You should ignore the -8 or -5 as part of the case number for case assignment purposes. (Example: 97-04674-8-JRL. The last two digits would be 74.)


  • Chapter 11 cases are assigned randomly, not by terminal digit.
  • For Chapter 11 or for a case under any chapter, which has an associated AP, check the top right hand corner of the docket for the name of the assigned case administrator.
  • Case number assignments change from time to time, and it's the court's preference for Chapter 11 and cases with associated AP's remain with the same case administrator.

The following is a listing of the case administrators, the case ending case numbers they handle, and their e-mail addresses.

Case Administrator Assignments

Ending with: Contact Person: E-Mail Address: Phone: Supervisor:
00 through 02 Dawn Wright 919-334-3807 Tina Roberson
03 through 16 Sharon Angel 252-917-6123 Tina Roberson
17 through 30 Donna Harris 919-334-3804 Carolyn Baker
31 through 33 Christy Gurgone 919-334-3848 Tina Roberson
34 through 47 Roxanne Parker 919-334-3803 Carolyn Baker
48 through 61 Anna Brock 919-334-3816 Carolyn Baker
62 through 75 Amy Bissette 919-334-3849 Carolyn Baker
76 through 77 Erin Donnery 919-334-3847 Carolyn Baker
78 through 82 Ahronda Crossman 919-334-3842 Carolyn Baker
83 through 85 Carrie Wiggins 919-334-3858 Tina Roberson
86 through 99 Aileen Gibson 919-334-3808 Tina Roberson