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  • How do I know if the motion I’m filing needs to give parties time to object or who I should serve with the motion?

    Please check the federal and local rules as well as the Administrative Guide which contains a Guide to Service and Notice Requirements.  This guide is not all-inclusive but will assist you with determining the number of notice days for certain motions depending upon the chapter of the case and the party filing the motion.

  • If I receive a deficiency notice, how do I correct?

    The deficiency notice will instruct you on what action should be taken.

  • If I wanted to contact the person directly responsible for a particular case, how would I know who that is?

    Case Assignments with contact information is posted on the court's website under Court Info.  This list contains the email address and phone number for each case administrator.  Case assignments, with the exception of Chapter 11's, are based on the last two digits of the case number.  (For example:  xx-01234-8-JRL.  The last two numbers before the -8 would be considered the last two digits of the case number. )  For Chapter 11 cases, case administrators are assigned on a case-by-case basis.  To identify the case administrator responsible for a Chapter 11 case, please look on the top right hand corner of the docket for the case administrator's name.


  • How do I find basic information about bankruptcy?

     On the Court's website under the Court Info tab, there is a link to the U. S. Courts' "Bankruptcy Basics".  Additionally, the court offers training dates for electronic filing which are listed on our website under the CM/ECF Information tab.  You may also find helpful the tab on the website for "Filing Without An Attorney" which provides useful information as well as video presentations which are a great resource for seeing things from a prospective debtor's point of view as far as case filing, the 341 meeting of creditors, hearings, etc.  If you're not sure how to file electronically, please call the court or email the Electronic Filing Help Desk by clicking the link on the website.

  • What about court changes or preferences that might affect policies or procedures. Are these included in the newsletter as well?


    However, not everything can be listed in the newsletter or posted on the court’s web site.  Some matters have to be decided on a case-by-case basis but the court does make every attempt to remain consistent as much as possible.

  • Does your court send emails or anything to the bar informing them of upcoming changes?


    A monthly newsletter is sent via email to the attorneys who file electronically.  This is also sent to anyone listed as a secondary recipient in the attorney’s notice of electronic filing account.  If an attorney has a paralegal who isn’t receiving this, it would be beneficial to forward it to them as well.

  • What about Bankruptcy Rules? Does your court have any and where can I find them?


    Local Rules, Federal Rules and the Administrative Guide are posted on the court’s website under Rules. The Administrative Guide has been prepared as a supplement to the Local Rules to facilitate publication of changes in practice and procedure without the necessity for a revision to the Local Rules. However, when revisions are necessary, they are at the recommendation of the Local Rules Committee and are posted on the court’s website with a deadline for comments.

  • When I can’t reach the person I need to speak with, should I call back and try someone else?


    Please leave a message.  Your phone call will be returned as soon as possible. 

    Also, please keep in mind that the court has over 19,000 pending cases which means that court employees receive numerous phone calls and requests for assistance every day in addition to administering their regular duties.  Also, in lieu of calling, you may wish to submit your question via email to the appropriate person.  Email addresses for case administrators can be found on the court's website under Court Info>Case Assignments.  Additionally, you can find a complete listing of court personnel which contains email addresses and phone numbers on the court's website under Directories>Personnel. 


  • How can I avoid receiving the court’s deficiency notices?
    • Make every effort to check the federal and local rules, the Administrative Guide and past issues of the CM/ECF newsletter.  If you still need assistance, please call the case administrator responsible for the case but be aware that court employees are restricted from providing any information that could be construed as legal advice. This includes the application of laws and rules to filings, the best procedure to accomplish a particular objective and the interpretation of case law.
    • If you're unsure of how to electronically file documents, contact the Electronic Filing Help Desk by clicking on the link on the court's website.