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Honorable David M. Warren

For assistance with scheduling, removing or continuing a matter on the judge's calendar, please use the Courtroom Staff Email: Courtroom Staff-DMW for the most expeditious response.  Courtroom staff have access to email in the courtroom and process email correspondence more efficiently than telephone messages.  You may also leave a message at 919-334-3802.

For general information contact the Clerk's Office at (919) 856-4752.

Please note: Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9003, the judge and the judge's staff are prohibited from having ex parte (for one party) communications concerning matters affecting a particular case or proceeding.

Staff Information

Claire Sauls Glover, Law Clerk
Telephone:  919-334-3822

Kathryn Koonce, Law Clerk
Telephone:  919-334-3821